Monday, June 27, 2011

The Brooklyn Smorgasburg @ Brooklyn Flea

Yesterday Ryan & I ventured over to the Brooklyn Flea for lunch. We'd heard a lot about this little party by the river, and it definitely was fun! There are many local and artisinal food stands, including a few we sampled- and some that we will be back for in the near future. Highlights:

I love donuts- and this little treat, from DOUGH, did not disappoint! Light and not too oily, and covered in delicious cinnamon sugar, I am embarrassed to admit to eating... well... most of it in about a minute or less. Next time I might branch out into some of the more exotic flavors- there was one that was hibiscus flavored, and chocolate.. and glazed... and... oooooh donuts!

In addition to the donut, we added a chilled carrot apple ginger soup and a toast with some fresh cheese and carmelized onions ($8), and Ryan went money with the Lobster Rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound. We were both super happy with our choices- the soup was mildly spicy from the ginger, but with tons of flavor, and Ryan was loving the fresh lobster. (If only they weren't $16 each?!?)

As you can see from the photo evidence, we enjoyed our lunch. Ryan was very excited by the many choices, the picnic-style eating nearby on the grass and benches, and the beautiful skyline views. Me too! Next time, we're thinking of trying wings from the meat hook stand (Ryan), and I could be tempted by the homemade seitan stand.....

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