Friday, August 21, 2009

Ryan finally agrees to try a Greek restaurant...


We went here last night with two good friends from Astoria. Having never ventured to this little pocket of NYC before, we were excited to check out a new 'hood, and of course, a new restaurant! Despite the heat and humidity, we just couldn't pass up dinner in the enchanting grotto of a garden. The greek salad, cheese, and mussels were all amazing for appetizers, and the entrees did not disappoint! I had a ravioli special that involved truffle oil- the portion was perfect for this rich dish, and the flavors really stood out. Ryan had a hanger steak, but the real winning plate was a lamb that just blew my mind. Not being a very big lamb fan, this will be my order next time around!! A wonderful introduction to a new neighborhood, and a great way to remember summers in greece!

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