Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Williamsburg: A back log

So, I tend to eat and drink out far too often. I can't keep up- so I'm going to use the next two weeks to try my best to catch up on some not-to-be-missed venues. The following was a sequence of bars and restaurants we hit up a few weekends ago with Sarah & Eric. There's actually a bar missing, it was random and I can't remember its name, so... not gonna review it.

Radegast Beer Hall

We love this place! I remember waiting for Radegast to open! Now, almost two years later, the cat is out of the bag. But I still love it! There are tons of German and Czech beers on tap, not to mention even more by the bottle. I can't comment directly on the beer other than to say they only serve it in either 1/2 or liter glasses, european style, and everyone else always seems to be enjoying their Gosser or whatnot. I stick to the wine- They have several rieslings and gewurztraminers that are fantastic. I GET that beer is the thing here, but I just can't get into it- so thank you, radegast, for stocking some regional white wines that are delicious. It goes a long way toward making the evening enjoyable!! I wish more bars would get the hint!

As for food, the grill serves up several different types of sausages, including kielbasa, as well as burgers, fried, and sauerkraut. Hits the spot, especially after a long night!!

Our second stop for the evening...

Monkey Town

Some friends were playing in a band in the backroom. Never been before, have to admit the screens made my eyes go a little fuzzy. Way too much TV, way to close to my head. And LOUD. The wine here was palatable, but not good. The mixed drinks seemed fine. The front room, which I really only got a glance of, looked kinda neat. They serve food as well, though I did not sample. I can't say I'd be driven back here, but next time I'm in the neighborhood, I might stop by...

Stop 3- dinner:

So, this was my second trip to Relish, and both my husband and I really liked it this time. The first time around was several years ago, and we weren't particularly inspired to go back. But this time, I'm not sure what it was, but it definitely stood out to us. I had a pasta dish- rigatoni with mushrooms, sage, and spinach- and it was delicious. Ryan opted for a chicken club sandwich that had lots of flavor. Our only complaint was that we both had terrible glasses of wine. Now, talk about baffling. How hard is it to buy a decent bottle?? They sell so many good wines now for around $10, and at the outrageous markup price of $8-$9 a glass, they could still triple their monies worth.... I just don't get it. I want to go on a campaign to get people to stop selling crap ass wine.

Last stop:

So, at this point, it was probably around 1 in the morning. I should warn you, this joint is jumping late at night, to the point where it is almost hard to move. So, if that is not your scene, try and hit it up earlier in the evening. I've been coming here for several years now, and I always have a great time. I also always get irreparably drunk, as they serve all these concoctions featuring rum. I'm a fan of the capeta, a drink made with coconut, guarna, and rum. If you like pina colada's... then I highly recommend. They also have capirhinas, which are just sooo tart, and vodka served from a watermelon. They also make homemade rum punch in a jar on the bar, which the bartender will continually add vodka to as the evening progresses. You've been warned.

The atmosphere is great. Lots of dark wood, candles, incense, wrought iron- and bongo drummers! They play along to a DJ, usually reggae and latin. Downstairs in the basement is a salsa dance floor, but last time I was there I couldn't even make it down the steps as it was so crowded. On slower nights, they hook up hammocks by the bar that guests can recline in. Totally different feeling to it.

Either way, Always a blast!!

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