Sunday, July 11, 2010


Brunch is one of my favorite meals, right up there with 'supper'- and luckily, Brooklyn is all about brunch! This week I went with a friend to check out the hot new brunch spot- Egg- which is famously good and notoriously a long wait. We decided to try it on a friday rather than the weekend, and we only had to hang out for about 20 minutes to snag a table. The restaurant is really cute and simple- and the food is the star.

Egg has its own farm upstate, and works with a local dairy and bakery, so everything is fresh and organic. The coffee comes in french presses- and damn it was good! (Pardon the french!) It was also nice to have a refill waiting for me when i wanted it. I ordered the french toast- which is made using brioche from Amy's Bread, one of the yummy bakeries in the city. I opted to top it with fresh berries- currants, blueberries, and raspberries. A big yes from me. My friend went with the eggs- she had them scrambled, and with a side of five grain toast, hash browns, and a carmelized grapefruit with mint. We really enjoyed it- and I spied my next order on the menu: Eggs Rothko- two sunny side up eggs with grafton cheddar cheese on a brioche roll. I'll be back for that, like, next week!

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