Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roasted beet salad with Asian Vinaigrette

This salad was an amazing addition to a summer picnic! So much flavor, and easy to make!

1 bunch of beets- I went for the small ones, delicate and tender
6 cloves garlic- leave whole
salt & pepper
olive oil- 2 capfuls, about 2 tblsp
red and green leaf or mesclun lettuce
almonds or walnuts
Asian Vinaigrette

Roast Beets & Garlic

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Trim and reserve greens for another use, and scrub beets. Cut off ends of beets.
2. Arrange beets in small casserole dish with cloves of garlic. Toss with the olive oil, and salt and pepper. Coat well.
3. Roast in oven on top rack for about 40 minutes, stirring vegetables every so often. Beets are done when they are tender and can be pierced easily by a fork.
4. Peel the beets and slice paper thin.
5. Mince the garlic.
6. In a bowl, combine lettuce, sliced beets, nuts, and garlic.

Asian Vinaigrette:

Olive oil
4 shakes tamari or soy sauce
Capful of apple cider vinegar
small amount of dijon or spicy brown mustard

Mix in bowl, beginning with the olive oil- then adding and tasting other ingredients, should be a light brown color when finished!

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