Monday, September 13, 2010


I love it when spontaneity pays off! Ryan & I were out for drinks with friends, and a bit hungry- and decided to head off to find some food. On our way somewhere else, we walked past Braeburn- a restaurant I had heard of for its organic, local, fare, and intimate neighborhood vibe. They also have a menu with multiple vegetarian options- which makes them already a hit on my list. So, we popped in, asked if they had space- and to our pleasure, they did!

Ryan had an Old Fashioned cocktail which he said was made just right. A complimentary amuse bouche- a bite of watermelon in mint oil- was light and refreshing. We tried a poached & panko-crusted farm egg for our appetizer, which was both savory and light at the same time. There were pea shoots in the egg that were delicious, as well as mushrooms, making it a great start to the meal.

I tried a second appetizer- which was fettuccine with black pepper, preserved lemon, and ricotta cheese. I am often reluctant to order fettuccine dishes when I'm out because more often than not they are extremely heavy and gooey- but I had high hopes for this spot, and they delivered! The pasta was actually light- the lemon flavor giving it a really nice, clean taste, and the portion size was perfect. A few cherry tomatoes made a nice acidic contrast to the pasta.

Ryan tried the steak, which was a really impressive piece of meat, both in quality and quantity for the price. Ryan, who has had a few steaks in his day, actually declared it one of the better ones he's come across of late- perfectly cooked medium rare throughout with a nicely flavored and seared outer crust. Topped with 'blistered' tomatoes, zucchini and carmelized onions, the dish was really well seasoned and prepared!!

We were both really happy with the atmosphere, cocktails, food, and service- and not to mention the price point! Appetizers were around $10-$12 each, and most entrees were around $22-$25, with the steak at $33. Dinner for two with a shared appetizer and a cocktail in the city that clocks in at the $70-$80 range and tastes this good deserves to be celebrated!!!

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