Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Homemade apple sauce!

Ryan and I decided to go apple picking while visiting Western Mass for a wedding. It was a beautiful day, and the apples were calling our name.

We scored a nice variety of red delicious, granny smith, and Macintosh.

Ryan came in handy- with his height and long arms- to get the good ones at the top.

So, the question soon became what to do with our apple bounty? We decided to make some applesauce!

Apples (I think we ended up using a hearty 6 cups or so)
Water (Apple juice or cider- we used cider, it gave the apples all the sweetness they needed!)
brown sugar (if needed)
pinch salt (always)

Wash, core, and cut up the apples. No need to peel if you plan to use a sieve and grinder to mash them up.
Put them in a pot, and cover with water/juice/cider.
Cook the apples down until they get nice and sticky-season to taste.
Pour into a jar, and refrigerate or can properly to keep on the shelf!!

Happy Apple picking & eating!!

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