Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Le Yum: a french sandwich delight

Coming up with creative vegetarian sandwich ideas can be tough. Tuna and Egg salad are always nice, or tomato/mozz/basil... and of course classics like the PB & J, fluff n' nutter, cream cheese and jelly, and cream cheese and cucumber all take turns in the rotation. Recently, we've added the TLT (Tofu, lettuce, and tomato), and the portobello mushroom burger makes an appearance on occasion, too. But I'm always looking for more....

So imagine my happiness at discovering this french delight: Radish, St. Andre, and herb butter (see yesterday's post!!)

And voila, I call this "Le Yum". Apparently this is a very popular sandwich in France. And I.love.everything.french. I think this would make an excellent addition to my next picnic or tea party. Yeah, I said it. I'm sooooo Bourgeois.

St. Andre (find it next to the brie at the grocery store)
Herb butter (or...just butter)
Butter lettuce
Baguette or other crusty bread

1. Cut small radishes into thin slices.
2. Spread the herb butter and St. Andre onto the crusty bread.
3. Garnish with the butter lettuce.

Simple, delicious.

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