Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flexitarian Menus

The never-ending, million dollar question I often get is... "But what do you eat?"

For a friend who, like me, recently went veg and has a meat-eating husband, I compiled these examples, and figured I'd share them here, too! Flexitarian eating is way easier then it first sounds- just check out these delish meals from the past month or so!

Week 1:

Black Bean Soup, Garden Salad, and Pillsbury Rolls
Baked tofu in Peanut Sauce/Grilled Steak (for Ry) with baked sweet potato and Brussels sprouts
Penne pasta with sauteed garlic, cherry tomato and basil, with a pesto garnish and side salad
Tortilla soup with a Southwestern Citrus Salad (topped with chicken for Ry)

Totals: 2 veg, 2 flex meals

Week 2:
Pasta with homemade tomato sauce (meatballs for Ry) and salad, garlic toast
Burger/Grilled Portobello Mushroom burger with wilted spinach and corn on the cob
BLT/TLT (Tofu/lettuce/tomato)  and Kale Caesar Salad
Curry noodle with cilantro butter Tofu/Chicken

Totals: 4 flex

Week 3:
Fajita/Beef Tacos with rice and black bean salad
Braised Ginger Tofu/Grilled Pork with pearled couscous with braised leeks and green beans
Black Sesame noodles with tofu/steak
Stuffed Shells

Totals: 3 flex, 1 veg

Week 4:
Taco Salads (Fake Chik'n/chicken for Ry)
French Onion soup and apple, arugula and cheddar salad
Chicken/Eggplant Parm with salad and garlic bread
Tilapia Parmesan with broccoli and new potatoes

Totals: 2 flex, 1 veg, 1 pesc

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