Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Miranda is another local restaurant Ryan and I hit up about once a year. This was probably our third visit. It's funny, because it is never the first place we think of, nor do I ever crave to go back, yet I always enjoy myself while I am there.

I have to complement the amazing customer service that we have had. The waiters are extremely nice, and go the extra mile- pulling out a chair, opening a door, helping a lady into her coat- that seems to have fallen by the wayside in all but the most fancy-pants places. And I don't think that should be the case. It was refreshing, and pleasant, to get a little extra care.

For the food, we'd both already snacked at a nearby bar, so we skipped the appetizers. However, they do offer a prix-fixe menu that was good value, $25, and I would recommend to those with an appetite. I ordered a ravioli pasta in truffle oil, which to me is the magic word. Anything involving a truffle is heaven to my mouth. The pasta did not disappoint. Ryan ordered the short rib of beef, which was very tender. We decided to split a dessert and tried a disappointing flan, which was a bummer, as the rest of the experience was really quite nice! It had the wrong texture and almost no flavor, a major no-no for me. I like my flan a little stiff on the outside, but creamy and soft on the inside. (That's what she said). Just wasn't quite right.

Other than skipping dessert, I would send folks to this spot. I also have to warn, however, that the cycle of forget-remember-forget came full circle when we got the tab, which was really expensive, considering we had two entrees, two glasses of wine, a coffee, and split a dessert. $80 bucks just surprised us, and didn't fit the meal we'd had.

Overall, I have to compliment the restaurant for always feeling romantic and intimate, the great service, and tasty food. Order the prix-fixe, avoid the flan, and I think it would be a very nice evening for anyone.

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