Saturday, September 17, 2011

Salad Provencale

Ever since our trip to France this past spring, I have been fixated on my new favorite salad- the salad provencale. (The C should have that little squiggly goat beard-shaped line underneath, but I'm not sophisticated enough to know how to create that). Anyhoo, It is delicious, and for me, the equivalent of a power lunch.

mixed greens
tuna in water
haricots verts (french green beans), steamed
potatoes, boiled and cooled
cannellini beans
egg, hardboiled
capers or olives
salt and pepper

I'm sure the french didn't make it this way, but here's my cheat:

1 capful of creamy caesar from Newman's mixed with a dollop of dijon mustard, a little of the water the tuna came in, and the juice from the tomatoes.... Add a tiny bit of olive oil as well.

Combine the vegetables and toss in a bowl. Lightly top with dressing.

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