Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sidewalk Cafe

Sometimes amazing meals sneak up on you. Not just the food, but the fun. A bite to eat with friends from work turns into an evening of laughter, and the food just matches the mood. Sidewalk Cafe-recently reopened and remodeled- offered an amazing menu with a ton of veggie-friendly choices. A special of Cauliflower Curry soup, several great salads, a quinoa veggie burger,truffle mac and cheese and veg nachos, a house-made mushroom ravioli, tuna melt and grilled tilapia entrees.. it was a treasure trove of good things.

The happy hour from 5-8 makes prices just right- and a really decent glass of chianti was only $4.

We started with 3 appetizers, shared by the table- nachos, mozzarella sticks, and truffle mac. The nachos were really yummy- with large, fresh cuts of avocado, a light crema cheese on top, and the right ratio of topping to chips. The mac was super delish, with a hint of truffle and crumbled barbecue chips on top for an added flavor and crispy texture.

My entree was great- the mushroom ravioli- with fresh asparagus spears and pecorino cheese. It bordered on being close to too salty, but it packed a ton of flavor and was truly flavorful.

Everyone else was really happy with their picks too- my meat eating friends sampled sandwiches of pulled pork and turkey burgers.

In a town where sometimes its tough to find a place just to have dinner- this was the perfect neighborhood stop!!

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