Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary: 2 years of Green Eating!

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my 2nd anniversary of veggie-dom! It's been a pretty awesome year, with lots of new delicious veggie recipes making their way onto the blog, and mastering nutrition in the dead of winter. I can't believe my one month experiment has turned into such a comfortable lifestyle, but the more I know, the more I stand by my decision! It's been perhaps a strange coincidence that since I turned veg, I've made four really close friends who are veggies too, and some days it seems like we will soon rule the world.

Even Ryan, initially the most meat-and-potatoes-man on earth, now eats veg 3-4 nights a week. Perhaps he's just gotten lazy. Maybe it has to do with our grill running out of gas. But I think the cute baby pig argument is also finally getting to him. Big Softee.

Even my family seems to be trending toward 'less meat', and kudos to them. Who needs to eat adorable farm animals anyway!?!

Can't wait to try some more recipes in year 3... ! Stay tuned!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! So glad vegetables brought us together!