Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bar Crawl for a Cure!

This past weekend Ry, Jon & I decided to spend our Saturday drinking for a cause: a cure for cancer. We heard about the idea of a bar crawl fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and it just seemed too awesome to pass up. We met some new friends along the way, which really made the whole event a smash. Every bar donated $150 and a buck for every drink sold, which I thought was a totally awesome idea!!

Spike Hill

Our first stop is a Willyburg regular for us, an irish pub that has amazing curry fries, and a decent selection of drinks, including wine for me! Here is where we met some new friends- Sam & Greg, who joined our little group and made this crawl so much more fun!

Brooklyn Ale House

I've always liked this spot- they have a free bagel brunch- darts and a pool table- drinks are cheap, they're dog friendly, and the staff is nice.

Soft Spot

This bar is quite tiny- but has a cute little back yard. We love the speciality of the house- a soft peach, which is a cocktail that uses peach schnapps in an alcoholic lemonade/ long island iced-tea type concoction. Really great on a spring day!

Mugs Ale House

Never one of my favorites, but a bar's a bar. This one is cheap, has TV's, and serves bar food.

The Gibson

Been here once or twice, the foosball is fun, backyard, and a grill serving up burgers, dogs, and now veggie burgers. Yay! Also, they have Wii- which is pretty darn cool!


I'd heard of the gutter but had never been. Williamsburg's first bar/bowling alley, definitely a bit of a warehouse/dive, but I can see why it is a popular spot for birthday parties!!

Red Star

This was the last stop- and man did I fall in love with this place! DJ did a good job playing some classic tunes, good drink options, plenty of space, and I was really impressed by the bar food and menu. We tried the nachos, and everyone reported the hot wings were awesome and super hot. I also had the mac and cheese which was really delish! As visible from our photos, the crawl was quite fun and succesful, and we made some new friends along the way, and I was introduced to greenpoint bars- and will be coming back!!

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