Monday, May 3, 2010

The Counting Room

A bar so new, I couldn't even find a photo of it on the internet. It was the perfect night for a walk down past McCarren park and closer to the water. Great breeze, and the bar has big, open windows. We decided to take advantage of a special 1/2 bottle of Nebbiolo- which we really liked. A dark, fruity italian red that was served slightly chilled. We also tried a crostini dish ($3) and the 3 cheese plate ($13). The crostini came with fresh ricotta with basil and lemon flavors, very light, and a huge portion for the price. The cheese plate we chose had a sharp cotswold cheddar, a sheep's brie, and a soft goat cheese. The goat cheese reminded me of camembert in texture, but had a milder, creamier flavor. As accompaniment, a dollop of honey, a few pieces of dark chocolate, some grapes, and two types of bread paired well with the cheeses. My only thought was that a salty/briney choice might have been great to balance all the sweet tastes- perhaps an olive tapenade.

The upstairs is an airy industrial space, and downstairs there is a dark cocktail bar with plenty of space for groups to sit.

We really liked the atmosphere and were impressed by the wine list!

Check it out at 11th & Berry in the Burg!

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