Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brussel Sprouts

Continuing to venture into spring vegetables, we tried brussel sprouts for the first time the other night. Not eating them, I should say, but cooking them at home. I remember my dad cooking and serving them in loads of browned butter and salt when I was a kid, and I actually always liked them. Ryan, on the other hand, has just gotten brave enough to give these bitter yet awesome greens a go. We paired them with sweet potato and a steak (for the boys), to balance out the flavors with some sweet and savory. We decided to boil them, but I can imagine roasting or steaming, or even grilling- would work well. I'm also told that for the meat-eaters out there, bacon is an amazing compliment- I can imagine the flavors of some imported pancetta with the sprouts- and it is enough to turn a veggie-girl back to the other team (almost..)!!

To prepare:

Cut the ends off.
Make an X shape with the knife in the bottom of each sprout.
Boil the crap outta' them in some lightly salted water- I personally like them very soft and with tender leaves that will fall off with a gentle prod. This last time they were a bit firm still, which was tasty, but the best leaves were more cooked.
Then, melt butter in a small pan with a clove (or 2, or 3) of garlic, and herbs, if desired. Pour the garlic-herb-butter over the sprouts, and grate parmesan cheese on top, and fresh black pepper.

My mouth is now salivating.


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