Wednesday, March 10, 2010

La Nonna

There are so many italian restaurants in our neighborhood, and I have favorite dishes at each of them. But La Nonna is also one of my favorites because of the casual, family atmosphere. The food is always tasty, and a former colleague of mine and her husband are the owners, and so I know how hard they work to make the restaurant a star. The restaurant is BYOB, which is great- one of my favorite wine shops, Uva, is right up the street. I am a huge fan of their steak salad- although this last time, I didn't have a bite. Ryan says that this is THE item to get off the menu. Thin slices of steak, marinated in balsamic vinaigrette, is served over arugula. The peppery flavor of the salad adds to the steak, and cherry tomatoes and pecorino cheese adds to the delight. It really is amazing.

I also really like two of the pastas they serve. The first is the penne, which comes in a fresh marinara sauce, with buffala mozzarella and eggplant. It is topped with a dollop of pesto sauce- amazing. I love this dish! The second that I highly recommend is the "zingara"- also made with a thick cut pasta, and featuring a cream sauce and pancetta.

I haven't actually tried the pizza, since I found these favorites early on. They do take out and counter service as well. The list of daily specials is always long and impressive. If you are seeking some great italian food with less traditional flavors, try this place!

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