Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pizza, Pizza: Motorino, Fornino, and Sal's

Everybody knows pizza is what it is all about in Brooklyn. A review of my favorites:

I gave a shout out to this place way back in my early posting days, but it deserves a full review. We probably go about once every other month, if not even more often. Along with Le Barricou, my favorite local brunch spot, this is definitely one of our most frequently visited spots. The menu changes often, with seasonal foods popping on and off. The pizzas have a thin crust and are fired in a charcoal oven. Ryan loves the sopresetta picante, which has spicy sopresetta on it and mozzarella cheese. I have had a few outstanding pizzas- most recently, I had one with cremini mushrooms that was to die for. I also really appreciated that they made me a non-meat version! They have some tasty salads too, and a nice bar. However, the real highlight- and I mean this as no small compliment- is the tiramisu for dessert. I have never seen Ryan inhale anything like he does this! I have to make sure to be aggressive, or it's gone. The custard is creamy, with cocoa powder and mint garnish, and a really great hazelnut flavor. We have also had the house-made bomboli- donuts- which were pretty insane. This spot has had a lot of press- Rachel Ray is apparently a very big fan of the East Village branch, but I can attest that it is not hype!

Before Motorino, there was Fornino. The first gourmet pizza place we had, it still offers a few amazing pies that are worth the trip. Perhaps most noteworthy is the truffle pizza, which is a $40 pie, and worth every cent. I've only had it once, but I'll remember it forever. Usually, though, I go for its cousin- a mushroom pizza with truffle oil. At about a fifth of the price, it still has so much flavor. The margarita pizza here is great, and all the ingredients are super fresh.

And before them all, there was Sal's. Sal's is old school. It is conveniently located across the corner from my apartment, and it has had my allegiance from my earliest visits to the neighborhood. The pepperoni is awesome, but over time I have come to love some of their specialty slices- the salad pizza, which requires a fork, is great. The white pizza is awesome. The marinara and pesto slice is great, and I also really love the fresh vegetables. I also have a particular fondness for their baked ziti, which I am dying to replicate at home one of these days. Finally, the chicken parm sub gets my seal of approval, though now that I am in meat retirement, I might have to try the eggplant. Next time you're in the burg, stop in to one of my fav's, and let me know which one is yours!

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