Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Za, Ya Ya!

To Za! A farm-fresh, high-quality restaurant in Arlington. That's how they describe themselves on their site, and I can report that they lived up to the "high-quality" and then some.

The menu features two items, made well. Salad, and pizza. It's a simple, and brilliant concept. All come with gourmet fresh market toppings. We decided to split all our orders and try a few different options.

We had a beet, apple, microgreen and goat cheese salad. The presentation was stunning- the beets were molded into a can-shaped salad, and the citrus vinaigrette was just the right amount of tart flavor. Very clean and refreshing, and a light start to the meal.

We split two pizzas- a caesar salad pizza, topped with romaine lettuce, olive tapenade, red onions and parmesan cheese and a special featuring carmelized onion, walnuts, pear and gorgonzola cheese.

I've had several other "gourmet" pizzas with multiple flavors and items, and sometimes one will muck up the other, or it just wont work. But this place pulled it off to a whole new level. Everything melted together, and tasted great. For dessert, we split a rosemary creme brulee- which despite my initial skepticism, was a light and perfect flavor combo!!

A few glasses of wine, and I can officially crown this a great meal.

I would highly recommend this place- it was great from A to Za :)

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