Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nero D'Avola & drinks at Buddakan

I met my dad for dinner in the city the other night. Ironically, it was St. Patrick's day, and we went for Italian. Go figure. I have walked past Nero several times, and it always looked really romantic inside. It was also always packed, so it was nice to have a reservation on a *quieter* evening. I was really impressed by my glass of montepulciano, and couldn't get enough of the fresh bread and garlic-infused olive oil. We split an appetizer of Crostini- There was an artichoke, a tomato and basil, and a prosciutto- all were great and served with melted delicious buffalo mozzarella cheese. For my entree, I had super think maccheroni- real italian style- in a marinara sauce with eggplant. This is quickly becoming my go-to item- something about the eggplant really makes the tomato sauce pop, and brings out just so many fresh, spring flavors in the sauce! My dad opted for the carbonara, which he reported was also good, though not as good as he has had in the past. Overall, I was really pleased with this spot. There was a ton of flavor in the food- something that can be lacking, but here, it was clear everything was fresh and quality.

After dinner we stopped in Buddakan for a drink and to soak in the sexy atmosphere. I'd been dying to check the bar out for a while, and I figured my dad would appreciate the elaborate decor. This really is a beautiful space. I recommend sitting at one of the low tables- the bar stools were a little rough, but the place was really cool!!

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