Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tonight Ry & I went to our favorite Indian Restaurant, Banjara. "Loyalty" is not the right word for how we feel about this place- as far as we're concerned, you could close pretty much every other indian restaurant in town. Yup, that into it. We've been coming here for a solid 5 years, pretty much since I left the UWS and the Indian Cafe by Columbia. Never had a bad meal! We make a pilgrimage here now probably every 2-3 months, although we tend to go more as the weather improves...

What we love: the vegetable samosas and the mint chutney. YES.

Ryan: Murg tikka masala- which is a creamy version of the classic. White meat chicken in a tomato/cream based sauce that is not spicy, but very flavorful.. and a side its of naan to dip in the sauce.

Me: Chicken or Vegetable vindaloo, as hot as they are willing to make it for a white chick. Usually they look to Ryan for permission/confirmation that I am not insane. Oh man, over the basmati rice, with a little raita and good.

A Taj Mahal beer for Ryan to boot, and the meal is complete.

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