Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ryan and I came back here for dinner a few nights ago. We've had some nice evenings here in the past, and some memorable food. On one of our first visits, a long wait prompted us to sit at the bar, have a few glasses of wine, and nosh on some olives. I have had a pork entree here that was amazing, and most memorable perhaps was a frisee salad with a gorgonzola foam- The whipped, light blue flavor and the tart greens was really memorable.

This past visit, I ordered the vegetarian tagine- which was spot on. Sometimes I find restaurants have a tendency to overcomplicate the flavors, but they went french classic, and really respected the veggies. Tender zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, green beans, and garbanzo beans in a tomato broth, with very simple couscous beneath it. It made for a really nice, almost soupy, taste, and great comfort food for a vegetarian gal.

Ry ordered the lamb, which he said was really flavorful, and it was served with some marinated mushrooms, a whole roasted head of garlic, and fingerling potatoes. Great and savory.

They also have a good burger, and a dollar or so cheaper than some of the other neighborhood joints.

We've come here time and again, and have always enjoyed the food!

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