Friday, April 16, 2010

Cod with lemon, rosemary, and olive oil

So last night I was very very brave- and tried grilled fish. It might not sound that crazy, but you have to understand that I'm one of those... bread it & fry it or for god's sake at least put some hot sauce on it-type fish eaters. In other words... I generally like to cloak my fish in other flavors, so going for the grill was a big leap. My beloved worked very hard to make a tasty treat, and I must say, the raw ingredients got me pretty excited. Garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary, red bell pepper....and then he pulled out the fish, which I did not love the smell of as much. (I'm trying!) BUT I have to say, the final product was extremely tasty!

Cod or other white fish filet
fresh sprigs of rosemary (dill)
extra virgin olive oil
red bell pepper (cherry tomato)
salt & pepper

In a tinfoil pouch, mix together all the goodness. Grill for about 15 minutes.

Serve with haricot verts and red new potatoes!!

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