Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Dumont, or not?

I've been eating at Dumont for 6 years now, and have a lot of memories in this Billyburg 'standard'. Back in the day, it was one of the few nicer restaurants off the Lorimer stop, and it had a cute backyard. For our first year here, it was our go to for out-of-town guests if we wanted an 'upscale' bite. I have always been a fan of the salad- well, really, the dressing- its an awesome vinaigrette, and always dressed nice and light, just the way I like a salad. The mixed greens are always fresh, and a little pepper makes this simple and a bite of perfection.

The burger is pretty famous- and though I haven't tasted one in a while, my husband, and good friend Rosalia- swear by them. It's definitely in the top 5. One complaint Ry has is that prices have creeped steadily higher, including the burger, which now runs $14.00 with cheese, and I believe might rise to $15 for bacon. I have always opted for the Dumac and Cheese, which is by far my favorite "creamy" roux-style mac. I don't usually order this out, as it tends to disappoint, but they have it down to a science. A creamy 4-cheese sauce, usually including gruyere, is topped with pancetta and baked until the top is well done. (Ask for well done when you order, you want that nice crisp). It is hard to stop eating it, and it really is the ultimate comfort food.

Over the years, I've tried many of the specials- and I am a big fan of the pastas- usually served in a chicken-broth based something-or-other that is just heavenly. Unfortunately, these menu items have now risen to the $25 price, which I just can't bring myself to order on a weeknight out. Too bad, because I really think this stuff is awesome. If you are here on a special occasion, indulge, and you will not be disappointed. Same goes for the pasta dishes at their sister-restaurant Dressler. Get them. They are phenomenal.

Now, before I forget, they also do brunch here, and the huevos rancheros gets extremely high marks every time.

If only drinks and food weren't quite so pricey, I might still come here on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, as I once did. But these days, the prices have just gotten too high. But, sometimes... You just gotta "do-mont"!

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