Friday, April 9, 2010

Rye & Huckleberry

I have been wanting to take Ry to Rye for a while. Like so many places in Williamsburg of late, Rye features old-fashioned cocktails at a beautifully crafted bar and intimate tables. There is no sign outside, but it stands out on an otherwise residential block. The interior features a lot of dark wood and white candles, and the restaurant was quiet enough to enjoy conversation.
There was an odd smell of chlorine and cleaning products right when we walked in that was not appetizing, however, and seemed out of place in a 'classy' joint...

We were seated right away at a great little table for two, in a curve in the booth that afforded a great deal of privacy, and I liked the people-watching view.

The cocktails were tasty and served on silver trays with hand cut ice cubes, a very nice touch. The wine list had several $9 and $10 glasses that were tasty. I tried the beet salad, which was quite good. The beets were sweet, with a creamy goat cheese and with peppery microgreens on top. We both agreed it was refreshing and savory at the same time. On the other hand, Ryan was not as thrilled with his brisket sandwich, which he reported was not very tender, and actually quite tough. For the carnivore he is, it was odd watching him pick meat off his sandwich- practically unheard of. The side of mac and cheese was quite large, and I found it tasty, but not rave-worthy. A bit bland. Overall, we found the food hit or miss. Other items on the menu looked very promising, but I wonder about execution.

After Rye, we headed over to the Huck bar, which is conveniently located just up from our apartment. Again, offering a selection of old-fashioned and crazy cocktails, this bar is a bit pricey, but upscale for the lorimer stop, and with plenty of wines and cocktails to choose from. Ryan first tried some Witches Brew that was strangely smoky, and later an old-fashioned, and I stuck to wine. I like the atmosphere here, and it's usually full but not crowded, a nice balance. The food is cute and a good nosh, but again, be prepared to burn some money. A fun note, they make their own grenadine, and shirley temples here are not just for little girls!!! I've come here once or twice after being out in the city and wanted to keep the fun times rolling while switching to a non-alcoholic beverage, and this was fun!!

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