Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Arturo's is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in the city. It has great atmosphere, great food- and for me, some really great memories. Ry & I came here on one of our early dates, and sat along the side walk, drinking the house red, sharing the cold antipasti salad($5.95), and eating the delicious pepperoni pizza ($16). Since then, we've been back countless times- most recently just this past weekend- and it's always great. Of special note was our rehearsal dinner- an incredible meal of pizzas, pesto and marinara pastas, garlic bread... and plenty of that house wine. I love the piano player, the tiny bathroom with a tub in it... and the history and memories of friends and families. Most exciting of all, we discovered they serve tortellini in brodo- which come winter, I will be venturing here for. If you're ever in this part of town, stop by!

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