Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Veggie bologna, and other things I never thought I'd eat...

So in planning a nutrition curriculum for next year, I came across a great idea for food. Instead of trying something new and declaring it yuck- saying "I love it" "I like it" or "I just don't like it yet". The brilliance of this actually has begun to transcend food- there are just so many things in this great big world "I don't like yet". The admission that tastes change- and grow, and develop- whether for food, TV shows... or even people, is a powerful idea. I feel like that might be my new favorite phrase.

I remember when I was a kid, there were several foods I just didn't like (yet) that I now love. Cilantro comes to mind immediately- I used to find the smell nauseating. I remember when my dad would cook with it, I'd leave the house, and went to great pains to pick it out of dishes. Now, given the option, I'd bathe in it.

Mushrooms come in a close second, followed perhaps by white fish- and truly shocking perhaps is tuna carpaccio/tartare. I would never in a million years thought I'd eat any of those foods. Most recently I finally learned to like cucumber.

But there are definitely some foods out there I still don't like (yet). Watermelon is definitely one of them, never have understood the allure, but I keep trying it. I also still don't like shellfish- ironically I did as a child- but now shrimp, lobster and crab totally send yuck signals to my brain. But, I'll keep trying.

And then, last but not least, there are foods that I try and absolutely expect to hate- and surprisingly like. The most recent discovery? Veggie bologna! When I recently lamented to friends about how one of the foods I miss from my meat-eating days is a bologna sandwich, they told me to try this "fake meat" version. To say I was skeptical... is an understatement. But, today I stand before you a convert and a believer. This stuff tastes pretty much just like bologna, which perhaps makes me suspect that REAL bologna is a fake food even more than I did once upon a time.

The other food I am shocked to say I love is tofu- though I do not love it in all of its forms, pretty much every asian version I've had is delish. I like it best fried and with a sweet and sour sauce... although in red or green thai curry... or with chinese noodles... or in Japanese Udon... it's pretty amazing too.

So, what foods do you just not like yet? Which ones have you grown to love? And which surprise you even today?

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