Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brunch @ Beco

This weekend Ry & I checked out Beco for brunch. A tiny restaurant with a small bar and about eight or nine tables, this place serves up Brazilian fare, and right now, World Cup soccer games. We astutely avoided one of the matches, and snuck in Saturday morning when the place was not insane. We both opted for the prix-fixe menu, which come with a brunch item, a coffee, and a cocktail. Let's start with the coffee: some of the best I've had in the burg. We had americanos, and they hit the spot. I had a caju fruit mimosa, which was also really nice, and Ryan tried a mint pineapple caipirinha, which was "OK, nothing great"- and Ry says "The mimosa I had was better".

I tried the herb omelet and Ryan had the steak and eggs. My omelet had a variety of options- I chose the asparagus, white cheese, and sundried tomato, and was really pleased with the results. They did not shy from the herbs, and the basil flavor came through and was amazing. All the ingredients were well seasoned and the cheese was melted to a delicious gooey-ness, as it should be. On the side were some homefries, topped with a squirt of lemon, that were great, and a little mesclun salad. If I had a complaint, it might be that it was a little salty, but otherwise, I was a happy camper.

Ryan's steak was great, and came with white rice, beans, salsa, and topped with two fried eggs- Ry took them sunny side up. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the steak was flavorful. Again, Ryan complained that the rice was salty, too much for his taste, but otherwise he was quite pleased. We were both bummed that the waitress did not bring us the two sauces we saw at other tables, one looked like a recaito or a chimichurri, and the other some type of red chili... I'm thinking those are good stuff.

Other than the saltiness, my only other complaint is that the service was less than stellar, especially seeing as there were only a few other tables. But I will definitely come back- the eggs benedict also looked great, and for $14.95, the price was right!

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