Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ryan and I tried another of the burg's new restaurants for dinner the other night. A uruguayan/ south american flavor and very romantic spot, Tabare was super cute! We sat in the tiny back garden for dinner, but inside and out is very romantic. The restaurant is BYOB, so we picked up a bottle on the way, a huge perk, for sure. I tried the asparagus soup which was delicious, with a nice buttery green flavor, and then a beet salad that was really refreshing. Ryan tried a steak and egg sandwich that came with amazing fries- loved the seasoning on top. We'd love to try some of the pasta and fish dishes next time. But the real highlight of the meal was the dessert. So rarely do I fall in love with sweets- but wow. They gave us a free piece of the flourless chocolate cake, which was rich and chocolaty and sooo good. I tried the dolce de leche flan, which was also super tasty. With a cup of coffee, it was perfect. We will definitely be back!

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