Thursday, June 10, 2010


So many local italian joints... so little time. Ro & I went back to this one just the other night. We started off with two glasses of the falanghina- a nice crisp white wine, and an artichoke salad appetizer. I have eaten here before, and this was the first dish that was truly disappointing. The artichokes were scratchy and woody, and lacked any flavor at all. Our pastas, however, made up for the saddening start- I had the eggplant rigatoni, which was fresh and flavorful, and Ro had a special spaghetti with prosciutto. I'd never sat in the backyard before, but it was quite nice for an evening meal. All in all, I'm always pleased by the fair prices- the entrees were only $11 or $12 each- but the wine did add up pretty fast. We probably would have been better off getting a bottle.

In the past I've had several other tasty dishes, including some good salads, and overall I love the rustic decor and casual food. I'll be back- just no artichokes for me!

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